Autonomous Mobility

A danish software company developing autonomous solutions for public transportation.

Benjamin had the pleasure of developing an audio concept for the brand – including a set of unique sounds inside the shuttle busses in order to enhance the user experience.

The Opportunity

In a school project, Benjamin was given the opportunity to develop a sound identity for the company Autonomous Mobility. They develop software for autonomous transportation on land – and in the air.

The unique audio profile would integrate seamlessly into existing branding and marketing efforts, and be Autonomous Mobility’s voice.

A big part of the design process was to define this voice.

Sound Logo – Instant Recognition

This is Autonomous Mobility’s core sound identity. A short memorable sound piece, extracted from the companies brand and values.

This is the foundation of building an audible brand with a unique voice that opens a creative and direct way of communication with your customers.

Sound Logo Concept 1
Sound Logo Concept 2

UX Sound – A Greater Experience

Today a great customer experience is the most valuable asset.

From the sound logo and music, a series of audio units where extracted to play inside the vehicles and enhance the user experience. This created a consistency across platforms, to make sure that every moment in the Autonomous Mobility brand experience is undeniably Autonomous Mobility.

The UX Sounds directly relate back to Autonomous Mobility’s unique audio aesthetics and values.

Journey Begins
Bus Stop
Reached Destination

Brand Music – Hear It Everywhere

Benjamin created a custom branded music composition to reflect and enhance the image and core values of Autonomous Mobility:

Helpfull, Simple, Seemless

Music suitable for commercials, social media marketing, use in-product and in-store.