Shark Juice

A brand new juice bar in Aarhus, Denmark. It opened its doors in early 2019.

I did consulting on audio strategy as well as digital, and developed an audio concept for the brand.

I created a Mood Playlist of music to play inside the restaurant, to match the identity of Shark Juice on social media and create a strong recognisable brand, for the youngsters to love.

I also helped them with choosing and installing the best multi-room speaker system for their needs. Fully controllable music on both the bathroom and the restaurant area via bluetooth.

The Opportunity

I was given the opportunity to work with a brand new juice bar in the center of Aarhus.

Through consultation I found Shark’s needs and opportunities. I came up with the concept of a street and urban juice bar that’s all about slow living. It’s cool to take it slow.

An alternative to the fast, shallow and unhealthy lifestyle.

Grab a juice, set your own tempo and share life with your friends.

The audio-branding I did reflected these values. The company received the audio-branding package consisting of strategy, audio logo, jingle and a custom made music ‘Mood Playlist’ to play in the restaurant.

This unique audio-profile integrates perfectly with Shark Juice’s existing branding and marketing efforts on both social media – and in real life.

We are very satisfied with the collaboration and the result – we now have a voice! I can without any doubt recommend Benjamin.

Sharmake Hassan – CEO and Founder of Shark Juice

Audio Logo – Instant Recognition

This is Shark’s core sound identity. A short memorable sound piece, extracted from the companies brand and values.

This is the foundation of building an audible brand. A unique voice opens a creative and direct way of communication with your customers. Through the fastest sense – your ears.

Shark Juice Audio Logo with Voice Over

Audio is about to become dramatically more important for every single brand. Personally, I’m adding my audio tag to every single one of my videos starting now, in early 2019.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Business Angel, CEO of VaynerMedia

Shark’s Jingle – Hear It Everywhere

I created a custom branded music composition to reflect and enhance the image and core values of Shark Juice.

Music suitable for commercials, social media marketing, use in-product and in-store.

UX Sound – A Greater Restaurant Experience

Today the customers’ experience is the most valuable asset for your business. In the case of Shark, their restaurant is a key touchpoint.

From the audio concept, a series of custom music compositions were created to play inside the restaurant and enhance the user experience. This created a consistency in Shark’s voice across platforms, to make sure every moment in the Shark Juice brand experience were undeniably Shark Juice.

The UX Sounds I created directly relate back to Shark’s unique audio aesthetic and values.

100% customer satisfaction

I did a small study to figure out the impact of this change in the restaurant, showing that a stunning 100% of the customers found the atmosphere pleasant and fitting to their perception of the brand.


What we did

  • Audio concept development
  • Consultancy on brand strategy
  • Audio branding including audio logo and jingle
  • Background music for the restaurant
  • Speaker system installation in-store