Sound is what I do. For many different purposes and projects. Below you can read about the different audio-services I provide.
To illustrate the sound, I borrowed a photo-series by Sofie Piil, which I really like. It’s a representation of emotions emerged from sound – presented as abstract light. Enjoy!


I'm a composer and musician trained to create a variety of music that supports and tells your story the best. Music is a central emotionally carrying part of a media production. Getting the right music is therefore crucial.

Sound Design.

Sound Design is the creative field of producing audio that tells the films story in a clear, immersive and unique way. Good sound expands the movie's universe and points the viewer straight to the core message of the film.

I'm here to make your film, TV broadcast, commercial or radio/podcast sound great with original detail-oriented sound elements, foley and SFX.
I do post-production and location sound mixing.
As a new thing, I also do 3D audio for 360 and VR film.

UX Audio.

UX is interaction design, AKA the users experience with products like apps, games, software or even exhibitions.
I make sounds to help create an easy user interaction which enables the user to achieve their objective in the best way possible.
Make your product exciting, intuitive and easy to use - through sound.

Voice Over.

I create voice-overs and speak for commercials that convey your message. Through experience and advanced tools I make the speak sound immersive, loud and clear.
I also edit dialogue for film, TV, radio/podcasts and audio books.

Mix & Mastering.

You produced a documentary, commercial or film, but still need someone to edit, clean up the mix and master the audio? Contact me to raise your project to online, TV or cinema standards. I master audio for all media-standards and platforms.

Audio Branding.

Nothing will give your company a competitive edge like a unique voice.
Today music and sound play an essential role in brand communication.

Do you need a sound logo that represents your business and sticks to the ear? I combine design and audio skills to create intelligent, future-proof and recognisable audio logos, jingles and branded audio for apps, websites and digital services.

In the process, I help optimize your strategy to make sure your brand is on the right track, communicating the right message to the right audience - through sound.

Film & Visuals.

Do you need a promotional video for your company? I have a great network of filmmakers, animators and graphic designers and can offer the full package of video and animation - plus music, sound design and voice overs - to promote your business the best way possible.