Exhibition: Architecture Moves

We had the pleasure of developing a series of sound installations in three pavilions for the exhibition Architecture Moves by Aarhus School Of Architecture.

The exhibition was created in corporation with the municipality of Aarhus – as a part of Aarhus being appointed the 2017 European Capital of Culture.

The exhibition was about the relation between large cities and the countryside – featuring student projects.

One of the pavilions featured this naturalistic/futuristic soundscape of how the island Anholt would sound in the future. The atmospheric audio contains of nature and glitch sounds.

Another pavilion included an artistic ‘audio walk’ through a typical day in the life of a dane in the super-connected world of 2025. We travel in a high-speed train from the outskirts to the city – and back.

The third pavilion featured a futuristic, and yet calming, soundtrack for a series of videos played on 40 screens. The videos showed snapshots of the ‘everyday life’ outside of the big cities of Denmark.